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"98% of closures never reopen"
USPS Mail BoxBetty Eickler
Chair of the National Association of Post Masters of the
United States

Hawleyville Businesses
creating a community of businesses dedicated to serving the people and local busineses that live/work/play and buy in Hawleyville!


keep it local!

Hawleyville Environmental Advocacy Team

Keep Hawleyville
Clean & Green!

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T DwyerSave Hawleyville PO committee member, Tom Dwyer's famous Talking Post Office Blues - the story of the grass roots movement that saved postal services.

Talking Post Office Blues

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Tom Dwyer with Talking Post Office Blues Hawleyville man sings
post office's praise

Tom Dwyer thought it only appropriate, given that the "Save Our Hawleyville" movement was a grass-roots initiative, like those Seeger has written and sung about.
News-Times Article February 15, 2010

Photo by Don Brooks

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