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06440 reopened
March 15, 2010

USPS Mail Box
Closing Date
Feb 14, 2009

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Please continue to sign the petition. We want to let the USPS know how many people rely on this service in Hawleyville. In just a few days we have over 800 hundred hard copy signatures and just under 750 on-line. Send our web address to everyone you know that uses our P.O. It's amazing how many people still don't realize it's closing! The comments say it all!


Contact USPS Real Estate Specialist

William S. Moncrief
NE Facilities Service Office
6 Griffin Road North
Windsor, CT 06006-0300

Call USPS District Mgr

Edward F. Phelan
Connecticut District
141 Weston Street
Hartford, CT 06101-9996
(860) 524-6137
(860) 524-6199 FAX

He must hear from each of us! He's the key decision maker!

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Express your concerns in writing to the Newtown Bee and News Times.

• Thank Rep. Chris Murphy

Congressman Murphy has been very supportive to Hawleyville.


Contact Rep. Murphy via his web site

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Postmasters Gazette

Link to complete article

Governor Rell Celebrates Reopening of Hawleyville Post Office
Newtown Bee 3.22.10

Newtown first selectman declares first Hawleyville Day Newstimes Article 3.22.10

Governor Rell at Hawleyville
March 22, 2010. Governor M. Jodi Rell at Hawleyville Post Office with Former First Selectman Joe Borst, First Selectman Pat Llodra, and Ann Marie Mitchell, Save Hawleyville PO committee member. Hawleyville Volunteer Firefighters, Chief Joe Farrell, Mike Neiman, and Ray Fuller

Hawleyville PO Opening
March 15, 2010 Opening day at Hawleyville PO

Triumph in Hawleyville: The Post Office Returns
Newtown Bee Article 3.18.10

Hawleyville Back In Business
Newtown Bee Article 3.15.10

Fans of Hawleyville Post Office Turn
up Early To Celebrate

NewsTimes Article 3.15.10

Dismantling Sign to Congressman Murphy
Members of the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department, (l-r) Doug Ruffles, Don Digioa, Bob Satmary and Cliff Beers help Ann Marie Mitchell dismantle the sign.

Murphy Applauds
Hawleyville Post Office
Imminent Opening

For Immediate Release    
March 11, 2010     

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) released the following statement regarding the imminent opening of the new Hawleyville Post Office.

“I’m so proud of the Hawleyville residents who rallied around their post office and found a way to take on a fight that on its face seemed unwinnable.  The pressure I put on the Postal Service would not have been effective without the determination of these citizen activists.”

In 2007, residents contacted Murphy’s office to alert him to the fact that the Hawleyville Post Office was in disrepair.  Murphy was able to assist in obtaining approval to move the post office to a new location at a time when the United States Postal Service (USPS) was closing facilities across the nation due to financial stress.  The original post office was closed in February 2009, and the USPS began the lengthy process of looking for and selecting a new site.  The USPS signed a lease for the new site in August 2009, and construction began.  The USPS has indicated that the new site will open Monday, March 15.

# # #

Post Offices
Attention Hawleyville Businesses!
Join us to create a community dedicated to driving Hawleyville and Stony Hill business with the people that live / work / play and buy in Hawleyville. CLICK FOR COMPLETE DETAILS!

Tom Dwyer with Talking Post Office BluesOrder your copy now!

With a minimum $5.00 donation to Kevin's Community Center

Tom Dwyer thought it only appropriate, given that the "Save Our Hawleyville" movement was a grass-roots initiative, like those Seeger has written and sung about.

Order & Details

Valentines and THANKS
being sent to our servicemen & women from Newtown schools!

1/30/10 Photos by Don Brooks

Mark Favalle, Hawleyville Postmaster is at Newtown Reed School to pick up Valentines being sent by students to U.S. servicemen and women.

Governor's Horse Guard

2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard escort students carrying the packages to a waiting USPS mail truck.

Members of Save The Hawleyville Post Office show support for servicemen and women AND the Hawleyville Post Office. What a difference a year makes!

Opening date is getting closer! Cabinets are in - and it's starting to look ready for business!

More Valentines Delivery Photos >

Winner of Gift Basket is Thomas Campbell!

Thomas Campbell, a Hawleyville PO box holder, guessed February 23, 2010 - which was the closest to the March 15, 2010 date of the opening of the Hawleyville PO! He will receive a gift basket from the Hawleyville Design District businesses on March 22, 2010. 
The last day to guess for the basket was December 31, 2009. 

See you 'round the 'ville...!

October12_09   USPSexterior
Hawleyville USPS October 12, 2009, Photos by Don Brooks

October 4, 2009 - Andy Rooney on the Post Office

October 2, 2009 Progress Report
Outside landscaping is done, sidewalks are in, flagpole is up, and the driveway will be paved next week.  Inside plans are approved and being implemented - with preliminary work done and walls going up this week.

NEW! Lease for New Hawleyville Post Office Finalized Newtown Bee 8/27/09
NEW! Hawleyville gets it's post office. News Times 8/26/09

USPS - Opening Soon
Photo by Mark Laslo

August 25, 2009 - The lease was signed today. Work is now proceeding on the interior. Thank you everyone that worked on getting this done!

June 5, 2009 Newtown Bee - Nothing is Easy in Hawleyville Editorial

Selection of Site Letter

NEW May 30, 2009 - The Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department's Open House was joined by members of the Committee to Save Hawleyville Post Office in an effort to bring awareness to the long standing tradition of community service provided by the HVFD.

NEW! May 8, 2009 - William Moncrief responds to Committee to Save Hawleyville PO:
USPS Response to endorsement

Phelan Letter

Site Letter

Congressman Murphy's Letter

Congressman Murphy Shows Support

Governor Rell Save Hawleyville PO


Mark Favalle and Flag
2/14/2009 - The Hawleyville Post Office is now closed. Postmaster Mark Favalle lowered the flag at this building for the last time time. We look forward to it being raised once again at the new facility. Thank you to everyone who showed up today, including Governor M. Jodi Rell, Stephanie Podewell from Congressman Murphy's office, State Representative Chris Lyddy and many, many patrons.

Boxholders must use the Newtown USPS facility on Commerce Road until the reopening of the new Hawleyville facility.


2/15/2009 Sunday edition of NY Times - See article and more photos






2/12/2009 - Newtown Bee USPS Representatives begin Community Outreach Process. USPS representatives to be in Newtown for an informational public hearing Monday, March 2, 2009. Olga Knoepke Memorial Room, C.H. Booth Library. 7 pm. Read Bee article for details.

2/10/2009 - New York Times sent photographer, Evan, to the Hawleyville Post Office. He took dozens of pictures of everything, both inside and out, to accompany an upcoming article. We'll post it when it's published.

2/10/2009 We need volunteers to pick up signatures until Saturday, 2/14. Today, over 40 new names were obtained in just a couple of hours. If you can spare an hour or so, email us to let us know when you are available (to avoid duplicating efforts), download the petition, print a couple of copies, collect signatures and mail them back to PO BOX 142, 06440.

You must stand outside - so dress warm! We have not met one person that hasn't wanted to sign - folks are genuinely happy we are there...

98% of closures never reopen
Over 1,500 have signed the petitions
Many of you have made phone calls

U.S. House of Representatives seal2/4/09

Congressman Murphy Declares Victory!

Representing the 5th District of Connecticut

1 Grove St., New Britain, CT 06053
412 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kristen Bossi
February 4, 2009
(202) 225-4476

Signed, Sealed, Almost Delivered for New Hawleyville Post Office

Postal Service Receives Final Funding Approval, Expediting Access to New Site

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After months of uncertainty concerning the fate of the Hawleyville Post Office, today Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) declared victory and announced that the United States Postal Service has approved a new facility, to be built under an expedited schedule, so that Hawleyville residents will continue to have their postal needs fully served.

“This is a tremendous victory for Hawleyville, and a shining example of how a community rallying together for a common cause can make a difference. I am thrilled to have been a part of this effort, and I look forward to joining Hawleyville residents to celebrate their new post office location,” said Murphy.

Last week, Murphy was in constant communication with all stakeholders – including Postal Service representatives and concerned residents – pressing all parties to come to the table and find a solution, and was cautiously optimistic that a permanent location in Hawleyville would be found. Late yesterday, Murphy’s office was notified by the Postal Service’s District Manager for the Connecticut District, Edward F. Phelan, Jr., that he received confirmation that the funding request for a replacement facility for the current Hawleyville Post Office was approved. This is the final requirement needed to insure a move to new quarters in the community.

This funding will allow the Postal Service to expedite its relocation. It will provide in excess of 1,800 square feet of new space for postal employees and customers. It also provides for a long- term lease and a capital investment that will provide a vibrant Post Office presence in
Hawleyville, with room to grow.

Phelan said, "As we look forward to the completion of that facility, we will continue with our plans to temporarily relocate to the Newtown Post Office over the President's Day weekend. Although no timetable for final relocation has been established, the Postal Service is hopeful for late summer occupancy in its new location."

Phelan concluded, "This funding comes at a difficult time for the Postal Service and may not have been possible without the continued interest and support of Congressman Chris Murphy, in Connecticut's 5th Congressional District, as well as Senators Lieberman and Dodd. Today's announcement is certainly welcome news to their offices as it is to the residents of Hawleyville."

Congressman Murphy supports Hawleyville Post Office

State Representative Lyddy supports Hawleyville Post Office
See latest press & responses...

The Hawleyville, CT United States Post Office, which has been in continuous operation since the 1840's, is set to be closed by the USPS on 2/14/09. Mid-January, they distributed green notification cards in PO boxes and posted them in the post office but did not give a reason. For the last three years the USPS has stated that they were committed to the preservation of the Hawleyville Post Office. Despite repeated offers from the Housatonic RR to make renovations to the existing structure, the local district of the USPS has failed to successfully negotiate a solution, while stating they "appreciate the strong support by our customers for this facility and its staff." Ed Phelan, Jr, Postal Service District Manager for the CT District, USPS.

Mark, Laura and Rich provide customer service second to none - with a quality of care and attention to detail. They're amazing! Before them, Ginny, Jane, Glenna, and many others took great care of us...! Those of us that use HPO know there is a long, wonderful history of much needed, efficient, reliable, convenient, cheerful service. "One thing that did not change-and will not change - is our commitment to service excellence, and earning our customers' trust.", Board of Governors, Allan C. Kessler, Chairman, (2008)

We believe that 06440 is one of the few Post Offices, if not the only Post Office in Connecticut that earns a profit; good for us - good for Newtown - good for the surrounding towns. We believe eliminating the Post Office will have an adverse effect on business commerce.

The current Hawleyville Center Design District document is a concrete plan for future commercial and residential land development.

In less than one week, more than 1,000 signed the petition opposing the "temporary" closing of the Hawleyville Post Office. 98% of closures never reopen,per Betty Eickler, Chair of the National Association of Post Masters of the United States.

Bee Editorial Bee Editorial

Besides losing a place of community that we love, this closing will cost local residents a fortune - many have PO boxes and will need to reprint everything - from checks to mailing materials. While the USPS tells us to use the Newtown facility - distance and traffic congestion is a barrier to access for all of us, most especially, our elderly and handicapped population.

In spite of the landlord's, (the Housatonic Railroad), willingness to negotiate continued occupancy as one option, and the willingness of a local developer, Steve Nicolosi, to meet construction requirements for a long term lease at 23 Barnabas Road as another option, the USPS has unexpectedly called for the permanent closure of the Hawleyville Post Office. See Newtown Bee, January 16, 2009 article.

Several community members are seeking to halt the post office closing - asking that the USPS at least come and tell us why they are closing the facility after making several statements to the contrary. In spite of statements made to the media, the cards distributed by the USPS to postal patrons give no reason for the closing - nor do they give any indication of a possible re-opening anywhere in Hawleyville. 98% of closures never reopen.

Get involved and help us save this historical landmark - the Hawleyville Post Office - by signing the petition and making phone calls.

USPS Mission Statement Alan C. Kessler, Chairman


More documents and newspaper articles

6/05/09 Newtown Bee - USPS narrows new Hawleyville Post Office relocation to one site

5/28/09 - USPS selects property for new Hawleyville Post Office PDF version

6/25/09 - Save Your Post Office! - The Big Money, MSN, The Washinton Post, and numerous blogs cites Hawleyville as an example on how to save your post office

5/14/09 Developer Patiently Awaits USPS Decision

4/30/09 Newtown Bee - Newtown Backers Endorse a Site for New Post Office in Hawleyville

4/27/09 Hawleyville PO Committee letter to William S. Moncrief, USPS Real Estate Specialist, endorsing 23 Barnabas Road location - click for complete PDF version of letter.

4/26/09 - Birthday Party for Hawleyville Post Office at DiGrazia Vineyard. Photos and story>>

4/24/09 - Letter from William S. Moncrief, Real Estate Specialist, UPSP on Hawleyville Post Office Site Review to First Selectman, Joseph E. Borst PDF version

4/19 and 4/26/2009 USPS ran ad in Newtown Bee seeking suitable locations.
3/12/09 Newtown Bee - USPS Fields Questions At Public Forum
3/05/09 Newtown Bee - Congressman Meets with HPO Supporters
2/19/09 Newtown Bee Hawleyville Post Office Lowers the Flag
2/15/09 NY Times - See article and more photos
2/12/09 Newtown Bee - USPS Begins Community Outreach Process
2/05/09 Letter from Congressman Murphy to HPO supporters
2/05/09 Newtown Bee 'Save Hawleyville PO' Group Declares Victory
2/04/09 Congressman Murphy's Letter to HPO Supporters
1/29/09 Newtown Bee: Local Group Fighting to Save HPO
1/29/09 Newtown Bee: Editorial - A Loss of Identity
1/28/09 State Rep Chris Lyddy Supports HPO:Letter to Rep. Murphy
1/28/09 Newtown Bee - When it Comes to Commitments, the USPS
             Doesn't Deliver

10/30/08 USPS Press Release HPO to Open During Legal Discussions
12/13/07 Newtown Bee - HPO Overhaul on Hold
10/28/07 New York Times: Once Thriving, Post Office Seeks New Life
12/28/06 Newtown Bee - Time Marches on In Newtown
7/27/06 Newtown Bee - HRR Ready to Raise The Rafters at HPO
3/23/06 Newtown Bee - USPS Plans do not include Elimination of HPO
3/23/06 Newtown Bee - Editorial - Little PO That Could
3/16/06 Newtown Bee - What Changes will USPS Deliver to Hawleyville?

More Information

Topix Forum - Hawleyville PO Closing Blog & Comments

2008 National Governors Association Acknowledges Significant Role of
         Community Post Offices

2006 National Governors Association Acknowledges Significant Role of
         Community Post Offices

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